Thinking About Thinking Series: Human Life is a Risk

Jeff CarreiraBlog Posts, Philosophical Inquiry5 Comments

Every step we take, every action, every choice to do anything is

ultimately an act of faith.

Most of the time, thankfully, we live with an ongoing sense of certainty.

We imagine that the world is predictable enough to support us.

Then there are those moments in which everything gets swept away.

We lose a job, we crash a car, a loved one passes,

and we realize that nothing was ever certain.

And yet we have to act as if it is or live paralyzed by doubt.

Human life is a risk.

To believe in anything is a risk.

To not believe is also a risk.

Anything we do is a risk.

Not doing anything is also a risk.

We might decide to avoid all risk by believing nothing and doing nothing.

That is very risky.

Better to believe and act wholeheartedly,

always ready to think again and

change our minds.

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I like this! Thanks Jeff. Being someone who helps organise things so our gliding club instructors can train youngsters to fly – the issue of risk is close to my heart. How the human being hankers for a real contact with the world! Where risks are properly managed but not shied away from. Where training allows you to develop mastery and grow in your participation with the world. I can see this drive most obviously in the young males who, thanks to the risk averse culture we have, are only allowed limited opportunities to experience a healthier attitude towards risk.… Read more »


Realizing that life and living is a risk fraught with game endings, the onus is on each to live making the kinds of choices that on reflection will produce no regrets. Living fully with positive attitudes and actions will result in glad hearts. Bad things can unfortunately happen to good folks but their goodness will live on in the hearts of those who knew them.


What if we just dispense with definition and live without the drudgery of having to that? That’s where the freedom lies. That is what is meant when it was said, “the meek shall inherit the earth.” i.e., in being meek there is no advantage in a definition.


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Harry Parker

This is an excellent, simple picture of letting go, being open and present. As a member of the community of skydivers, BASE jumpers and Freelancers, we live in risk all the time and yet actually hang onto the structures of perceived freedom within the structure. More and more I try and pay attention. Photography helps by concentrating on the present, appreciating and being grateful. I do my best to bring this to all the communities I live in. Recently we lost a member of our community in a out of the blue accident. It was amazing to watch the younger… Read more »