Transitional Beings and the Space of Betweenness

March 7, 2017

Our perception is filtered by the current paradigm so we don’t see reality as it is, we see reality as the paradigm we live inside of allows us to see it.

Our perceptions are filtered, sorted, arranged and categorized according to mechanisms of mind that themselves lie hidden in deep recesses of unconsciousness. Without realizing it we are all making a huge amount of unconscious mental effort to make sure that our experience of reality remains consistent with the way we have been conditioned to believe the world works. Any evidence that would challenge our preconceptions about reality is most often simply dismissed before we are even aware of it.

Occasionally a piece of incongruent information gets through the dominant paradigm’s defenses and we experience something that shouldn’t be possible. Once the façade of reality has been punctured some of us find it very difficult to return quietly to the way things were and so these moments of awakening ignite a spiritual search.

At this point we become what you could think of as transitional beings. We stand in a doorway with one foot on both sides of a threshold ready to act as a bridge between two worlds. To become this kind of bridge we must enter into a very special space in consciousness that resides in the space between our ordinary paradigm-delineated awareness and the unbounded receptivity we discover in experiences of awakening.

I have heard the term “betweenness” used to describe this space. It is a space of magic and mystery. In this space you are neither here or there, now or then, awake or asleep. Creativity in this place depends on being focused and intent while remaining open and unattached at the same time. You become directed and free simultaneously and you enter a dream-like state in which your energy and will begin to fulfill a purpose beyond anything you can understand.

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