Work with Jeff

Jeff Carreira focuses his teaching in two domains of study which he calls
Transformative Meditation, and Experiential Philosophy.

Programs run across a range of mediums. There are digital courses, virtual events, virtual and live 8-12 month trainings, and live workshops and retreats which vary between 1.5 hrs and 6 days.

Transformative Meditation

Transformative Meditation is the practice of disengaging from habitual patterns of thought, feeling and perception until our awareness is carried into new and miraculous visions of what is possible.

For a taste – listen to these short clips of Jeff:

  • 1. Meditation –
    Tool or opportunity?

  • 2. The experiential consequences of mind being the brilliant understanding machine that it is.

Experiential Philosophy

Experiential Philosophy is the art of questioning reality, and articulating a new one.

Our busy and at times overwhelming lives tempt us to see philosophy as a luxury item that we cannot afford. It’s not.

In fact, in the face of life’s inevitable challenges, philosophy, which is the pursuit of truth, is essential. What we believe or assume to be true dictates how we act, and how we act creates how the world is. If we want to create a better world, then one of the most important things we can do is inquire into the nature of our beliefs and assumptions about what is real and true.

My programs in experiential philosophy will introduce you to ideas and perspectives and that will challenge not only your ideas about reality, but ultimately your experience of it.

For a taste – listen to these short clips of Jeff:

  • 1. Questioning Reality: Assumptions
    (1min 30sec)

  • 2. Questioning Reality: Independent Existence (1min 30sec)