Cosmic Consciousness is not Just an Experience

January 27, 2023

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Juliet says to Romeo as she implores him to renounce his family name so they can be together. After all, Romeo would still be himself regardless of what name he had. Names don’t change the essence of things. Things are what they are regardless of what we happen to call them.

If only this were true, but it’s not. The names we use to name things shapes our experience of them. We commonly think of words as labels, signs we stick on things that have no consequence on the thing itself. We would be better to think of words as colored lenses that change how things appear to us. Language creates perception. It locks us in a particular experience of reality and excludes the possibility of having any other experience.

We commonly speak of human consciousness and assume that we are doing no harm, but the use of this seemingly innocuous phrase ties us to a perception of ourselves as different and separate in ways that inhibit us from realizing our universal nature.

Of course, using the phrase cosmic consciousness is equally problematic because we use it as if there is some other kind of consciousness. We live in a conscious universe and all consciousness in it comes from the same source. By labeling some consciousness as human and another as cosmic we create a division that doesn’t exist.

Our use of language creates a separation and the gap between what we see as two forms of consciousness becomes a gulf that we must leap across to experience our cosmic nature. We have created a separation that we then need to work hard to traverse, but you cannot span a gap that does not exist. If you consciously or unconsciously believe that what you call human consciousness is separate from something else you call cosmic consciousness, the reality of your universal nature will remain out of reach.

This leads directly to a second obstacle created by language. We commonly speak in terms of an experience of cosmic consciousness. Using this language, we limit our universal nature to a perception, when in fact it is a reality.

The most difficult assumption to transcend in relation to the discovery of universal being is the assumption that we are a human being who will experience cosmic consciousness. In a so-called experience of cosmic consciousness, we are not having an alternative experience of reality, we have moved into another reality.

Cosmic consciousness is not an experience that we have as a human being. It is not merely a perceptual shift; it is shift into the vantage point of the universe. Anyone who makes this shift does not feel like a human being have a new experience. They always know beyond doubt that they are the consciousness of the universe recognizing itself in human form.

If we insist on seeing this as an experience that we have, we anchor ourselves in the exclusive identity of being a separate organism walking around on the surface of a planet. There is nothing wrong with being human in that way. This is not a condemnation of our separate sense of self. It is beautiful beyond measure to be human in the ordinary sense.

What I am doing is inviting you into a dramatic shift that will reveal that you are not only a separate individual associated with a single organic body on Earth. You are the living and conscious universe. You are an expression of the only life there is. This realization is not meant to destroy your life on Earth, it is meant to supercharge it with divine love and wisdom.

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