The Mystery School
for a New Paradigm

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The world needs a new paradigm.

Are we ready to live it?


Living into a new paradigm requires a mind that is free and wide open. Begin your training by liberating yourself from anxiety & fear with my FREE and 10 part e-course.

We live in a paradigm of separation and isolation and we need to move into one grounded in unity and based on principles of interdependence and coexistence.

We cannot build a new paradigm but it can come to life through us if we allow it to happen.

I am committed to training and empowering ambassadors of a New Paradigm who will communicate new possibilities for humanity with the clarity and confidence to inspire all of us to live them together.

April 2, 2018
My longer retreats combine meditation practice and philosophical inquiry to liberate us from the per
April 9, 2018
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April 15, 2018
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April 27, 2018
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May 10, 2018
We are self aware. We don’t just experience the world, we experience ourselves experiencing it. Sp
May 17, 2018
We are self aware. We don’t just experience the world, we experience ourselves experiencing it. Sp

Training for Ambassadors of a New Paradigm

Digital Courses

Go deep yet explore and expand at your own pace with these 3, 8, 10 and 60 Day programs in both Transformative Meditation and New Paradigm Inquiry.

Retreats + Workshops

You are invited to join me at any one of my many talks, workshops or retreats across the country – to dive deep into spiritual awakening, new paradigm inquiry and new forms of being.

Core Programs

Each year I run different breakthrough programs over 8 – 12 months, which can have virtual and face to face components. Immerse yourself with others in these transformative awakening programs and take your sense of self into new forms of being.

Spiritual Mentoring

For more private and personally focused work, we can work together one on one or in small groups to explore whats going on in your life, how to give expression to your fullest potentials and create a life in awakened awareness.

Free Audio Resources

Check this page to view some free dharma talks and meditations that Jeff offers offers to support your continued awakening and growth.

Core Programs

August 6 – 12, 2018

The Miracle of Meditation and Awakening to Paradigm Shifting

Seven – Day Summer Retreat

Highland Lake Cove, Flat Rock, NC

This retreat is an opportunity to explore practices and ideas that have the power to dramatically shift you out of your current experience of reality and into a new one. The goal of these six days is to give as many people as possible a paradigm shifting experience along with the understanding and insight necessary to live and articulate the new way of being they discover.


Begins Spring 2018

Opening To The Infinite

Virtual 12 Month Program

with Jeff Carreira and Craig Hamilton

This program has grown out of our mutual commitment to support as many people as possible to stabilize their awakening and in so doing create a more Enlightened world. In the Opening to the Infinite program you will explore four essential elements that allow you to maintain contact with the subtle consciousness that many of us taste, but find much harder to live in. Come together in the miracle of illuminated heart and mind and join us.

Registration Opening Early 2018

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The Mystery School for a New Paradigm Members Circle

Ongoing Guidance and Support for those who aspire to work together to bring a New Paradigm of Being to Life.

Online Subscription Program

The Members Circle is designed to provide structures to nurture and inspire those of us who are exploring the edge of the possible.

Registration currently closed.


Next Course: Oct 2019 to June 2020

The Breakthrough Intensive

Articulating a New Reality

Virtual program with 4 day retreat

This 8 month intensive is for people who are called to be articulators of a new possibility. Many of us recognize the need for our society to undergo a significant shift in paradigm. We also know that we have something to contribute if we could communicate it clearly. Are you one of these people?

Course currently in session; Registration closed.


Free Course

The Miracle of Meditation
Short Course

8 short essays and 2 guided meditations over 10 days


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