The world needs a new paradigm.

Are we ready to live it?


Living into a new paradigm requires a mind that is free and wide open. Begin your training by liberating yourself from anxiety & fear with my FREE and 10 part e-course.

We live in a paradigm of separation and isolation and we need to move into one grounded in unity and based on principles of interdependence and coexistence.

We cannot build a new paradigm but it can come to life through us if we allow it to happen.

I am committed to training and empowering ambassadors of a New Paradigm who will communicate new possibilities for humanity with the clarity and confidence to inspire all of us to live them together.

Training for Ambassadors of a New Paradigm

Digital Courses

Go deep yet explore and expand at your own pace with these 3, 8, 10 and 60 Day programs in both Transformative Meditation and New Paradigm Inquiry.

Retreats + Workshops

You are invited to join me at any one of my many talks, workshops or retreats across the country – to dive deep into spiritual awakening, new paradigm inquiry and new forms of being.

Core Programs

Each year I run different breakthrough programs over 8 – 12 months, which can have virtual and face to face components. Immerse yourself with others in these transformative awakening programs and take your sense of self into new forms of being.

Spiritual Mentoring

For more private and personally focused work, we can work together one on one or in small groups to explore whats going on in your life, how to give expression to your fullest potentials and create a life in awakened awareness.