During decades of intensely focused spiritual work, I was blessed with countless spiritual awakenings and energetic openings. 

The sum total effect of these was to establish contact to an unlimited source of creative potential that continues to generate an endless stream of insight and revelation.

I call those of us who have awakened in this way Artists of Possibility and my life’s work is to create opportunities for us to co-evolve and co-create together.

The programs, retreats and books that I offer can catalyze your awakening to a cosmic source of inspiration and nurture and support your own profound creative expressions.

Featured Program

The Path of Spiritual Breakthrough

A 6-Week Journey of Awakening to Cosmic Awareness
Saturday, March 12th - Saturday, April 23rd, 2022
6 Weeks
Online via Zoom Video Conferencing
In this practice rich program, we will explore the nature of breakthrough experiences and the path to radical wholeness they reveal, by learning to decode the secrets of your innermost realizations.
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An online community of inspired individuals dedicated to spiritual transformation and mutual evolution.
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Programs, Workshops and Retreats
You have the opportunity to learn and grow by working throughout the year with our founder Jeff Carreira, as well as a host of other teachers.

An Extensive Resource Library
You will find many audio, video and written resources that illuminate ideas and perspectives that will expand your heart and mind.

Dynamic Mutual Engagement
Our inspired global community creates a warm and supportive environment to engage with likeminded people and find new friends.

Share Your Wisdom with Others
You are encouraged and supported to share the wisdom you have gained on your own journey in our virtual classroom.
We are not going to create a new paradigm the way other things are created.

The best thing we can do is engage with each other around the things that capture our imagination and move our heart.

We must become porous vessels for inspired perspectives and inspired ideas and let all the exchange and the interaction and growth generate a kind of creative friction that will allow something to emerge between us that none of us could imagine.

~ Jeff Carreira