Jeff Carreira
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Spiritual Liberation,
Soul Development, and
Transdimensional Spirituality
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Over thirty years ago I dedicated my life to spiritual pursuit, and in my books, programs, and retreats, I share the insights and understanding I’ve gained through all my spiritual work.

The material world of time and space is not the only reality there is, and it's not the only one we have access to. Through spiritual work we can explore invisible dimensions of reality and unlock our inner capacities that can change our lives.

What thrills me most is working with like-minded souls to explore higher realms of being to discover the full potential that exists within us.

My writing and teaching focus on three profound elements of spiritual work:

  • Liberating ourselves from the limits of our ordinary sense of self.
  • Entering into deep communion with the mystery of our soul.
  • Exploring the higher dimensions of reality that usually remain hidden.

If you find this depth of spiritual discovery as exciting as I do, please look through my website where you will find audios, videos and essays that explain many aspects of the work that I do, as well as a listing of upcoming programs and retreats.

And please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Wednesday, July 17th to Tuesday, August 13th, 2024
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A life that emerges out of the inherent freedom means even in the most challenging times, you live knowing life is inherently good and as long as you stay true to your heart, greater wholeness is where you are headed.
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What is an Artist of Possibility?

Becoming an Artist of Possibility means...

  • Letting go and allowing your awareness to expand beyond the limitations of our familiar reality and the conditioned sense of being a separate self.
  • Moving your awareness into the vast expanse of consciousness beyond the known until you begin to see the mysterious new possibilities for human life that exist there.
  • Acting as a conduit to draw new potentials into life through teaching, art, writing, entrepreneurship, and any other creative means.
  • Engaging in the co-creation of a new world with other artists of possibility.

Cultivating and nurturing a tribe of artists of possibility is the ultimate goal of my work.

I hope I can support your efforts to enlighten our world.

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“The discovery of inner freedom begins a journey of spiritual breakthrough that brings your soul into ever-deeper alignment with the sacred source of life.”

~ Jeff Carreira