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As a meditation teacher and mystical philosopher Jeff Carreira supports a growing community of individuals through the process of spiritual transformation.

People work with Jeff Carreira to experience a shift in their sense of self that empowers them with capacities they never imagined possible. He teaches how to liberate yourself from familiar patterns of mind so you can discover who you really are beyond the limiting ideas you hold about yourself. The ultimate aim is to catalyze a profound realization of the underlying Oneness of life so you can become a full creative expression of your highest potential.

On this website you will find audios, videos and essays that explain Jeff's work and how you can benefit from the many programs and retreats he offers.

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What is an Artist of Possibility?

Becoming an Artist of Possibility means...

  • Letting go and allowing your awareness to expand beyond the limitations of our familiar reality and the conditioned sense of being a separate self.
  • Moving your awareness into the vast expanse of consciousness beyond the known until you begin to see the mysterious new possibilities for human life that exist there.
  • Acting as a conduit to draw new potentials into life through teaching, art, writing, entrepreneurship, and any other creative means.
  • Engaging in the co-creation of a new world with other artists of possibility.

Cultivating and nurturing a tribe of artists of possibility is the ultimate goal of my work.

I hope I can support your efforts to enlighten our world.

An online community of inspired individuals dedicated to spiritual transformation and mutual evolution.
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You have the opportunity to learn and grow by working throughout the year with our founder Jeff Carreira, as well as a host of other teachers.

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You will find many audio, video and written resources that illuminate ideas and perspectives that will expand your heart and mind.

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Our inspired global community creates a warm and supportive environment to engage with likeminded people and find new friends.

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You are encouraged and supported to share the wisdom you have gained on your own journey in our virtual classroom.

Spiritual Growth

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We are not going to create a new paradigm the way other things are created.

The best thing we can do is engage with each other around the things that capture our imagination and move our heart.

We must become porous vessels for inspired perspectives and inspired ideas and let all the exchange and the interaction and growth generate a kind of creative friction that will allow something to emerge between us that none of us could imagine.

~ Jeff Carreira