Soul Intention and Optimal Growth

February 17, 2024

During my formative years on the spiritual path, the teacher I worked with taught about the supreme importance of having a clear intention. He insisted that clarity of intention was the beginning, the middle, and the end of the work. I believe that this emphasis is what catapulted me to a lifetime of breakthrough experiences and continuous transformation.

More recently I’ve been exploring the Hindu concept of sankalpa which is a soul level intention. It is not an intention that we develop during our lifetime; it is the intention that our soul came into this life with. Listening for your sankalpa is an important part of the yogic practice called yoga nidra. Aligning with this level of intention generates profound awakening power.

As we engage in transdimensional spiritual work it is crucial that we ask ourselves why we are pursuing the spiritual path in the first place. Recognition of the higher dimensions of yourself and the desire to realize them, come from your higher self. Your deepest spiritual intention does not emerge from your small self’s desire to unite with a higher self. It comes from your higher self’s desire to be whole again. When you see this clearly, you realize that your deepest spiritual passion is already an experience of the higher dimensions of yourself.

This is crucial because as long as you see your spiritual intention as an intention of your small self, you will see yourself separate from that which you seek. You will view the spiritual path as an effortful journey toward a distant goal and without realizing it, you'll continually find yourself straying from your intended aim and then working your way back to it. In this way, spiritual work becomes an arduous effort of self-control. This relationship to spiritual work is counter-productive because that deepest desire was never the small self's, or in my case Jeff's, intention.

I have spiritual intentions for myself, but the deepest intention does not belong to me; it is my soul’s intention for my life. When you become crystal clear about what that deepest intention is and you know without a doubt that it is your soul’s intention, everything will change. Ordinarily we assume that our spiritual passion is meant to fuel our journey toward some ultimate goal, but now you will see that that passion is the goal. You don’t want to journey away from it, you want to surrender into it. The passion that ignited your spiritual heart is your fulfillment. The path and the goal are one. That which you are seeking is causing you to seek.

Jeff might have spiritual things he wants to accomplish, do, attain, and recognize, etc, but soul intention is different. It's not something I make up. It's something I feel in the most subtle part of my awareness. It’s a call I hear in perfect silence. Cultivating our ability to recognize and align with that deepest passion is the beginning, the middle, and the end of the work.

Your soul intention may not be what you think it is, but when the energy of it bursts into your heart, mind and soul, you will see that it has always been driving you. You will remember that you came into this lifetime with it and it has been guiding and shaping your life ever since. That intention has never wavered, even when you did. It has always been true to you even when you were not true to it. The goal of transdimensional spiritual work is to be alive, awake and embodied in all dimensions of being. The work of transdimensional spirituality is soul work. The result of that work is continuous alignment with the passionate desire of the soul.

The attunement practices of transdimensional spirituality align us with the energy of our soul’s deepest intention for wholeness, completion, fulfillment, and expansion. When you practice attunement you will feel powerful energies welling up within you. Your soul’s desire will reveal itself as a higher vibration and your work is to surrender to the energy of it, fall into it, and let it take you. Resist the temptation to think about it in words. Just feel it until the frequency of your personal energy increases to match the vibration of your soul. Once you have energetically merged with your soul, words will come to you, not from your intellect, but from the invisible depths of your being. You will suddenly know what you were born for. You will understand why spiritual pursuit has compelled you throughout your entire life.

Eventually words that perfectly describe your deepest passion will impress themselves upon your psyche. They will emerge from the higher dimensions of your being and they will hold the unmistakable ring of truth. This is what it means to have clear intention and that clarity will optimize your spiritual growth.

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