The Mystery School for a New Paradigm
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Ongoing Guidance and Support for Artists of Possibility who want to share their deepest wisdom and live a vibrant and profoundly inspired spiritual life.

October 2018 - September 2019

Meditation and Awakening -
Teacher Training with Jeff Carreira

A 12 month virtual Intensive

Online, with 2 x 3-Day Retreats in Philadelphia

This is a training through which I intend to work with no more than 12 people in a year of training that will allow you to master some of the universal truths and challenges of guiding people into a deep recognition of the inherent freedom of their true being. It is a training that will catalyze breakthrough spiritual experiences and empower you to teach from your own deepest realization of Truth.

*** Registration currently closed.


June 2018 - May 2019

Opening To The Infinite

A 12 Month Virtual Program

with Jeff Carreira and Craig Hamilton

This program has grown out of our mutual commitment to support as many people as possible to stabilize their awakening and in so doing create a more Enlightened world. In the Opening to the Infinite program you will explore four essential elements that allow you to maintain contact with the subtle consciousness that many of us taste, but find much harder to live in. Come together in the miracle of illuminated heart and mind and join us.

*** Registration currently closed.

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