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This is the inner circle where Jeff Carreira shares his latests insights and discoveries as they emerge through his own journey.

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Awakening to a New Paradigm
A 12-Week Intensive that Opens Your Mind and Senses to a New Reality
with Jeff Carreira
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4 Live Workshops via Conference Call

60 Days of Practice Instruction

2 Books by Jeff Carreira
& 1 Practice Journal

March 21st to
June 13th, 2020

Live Virtual Course

12 Weeks

March 21st to June 13th, 2020

Awakening to a New Paradigm: A 12-Week Intensive that Opens Your Mind and Senses to a New Reality

Release the conscious and unconscious filters that bind you into the dominant paradigm of separation, division and isolation, and enter into the newly emerging paradigm of wholeness, unity and mutuality.

with Jeff Carreira

Teacher Training

12 months

Currently closed

Meditation and Awakening Teacher Training with Jeff Carreira

This is a training through which I intend to work with no more than 12 people in a year of training that will allow you to master some of the universal truths and challenges of guiding people into a deep recognition of the inherent freedom of their true being. It is a training that will catalyze breakthrough spiritual experiences and empower you to teach from your own deepest realization of Truth.

with Jeff Carreira

Virtual Awakening Program

12 months

Currently closed

Opening To The Infinite: A 12 Month Journey Into Awakened Consciousness

In the Opening to the Infinite program you will explore four essential elements that allow you to maintain contact with the subtle consciousness that many of us taste, but find much harder to live in.

with Jeff Carreira & Craig Hamilton