Dr. Jeffrey Eisen – “Spiritual Evolution and Psychonoetics”

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Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
Dr. Jeffrey Eisen - "Spiritual Evolution and Psychonoetics"

Spiritual Teacher and Non-Dual Psychotherapist Jeffrey Eisen talks with Jeff Carreira about spiritual evolution as a process that begins with coming home to non-dual awareness. ​All life ‘knows by Being’ (aperceptual consciousness), while the human brain has evolved to ‘know about life’ as well (perceptual consciousness). This evolution has layered itself upon our foundational ‘knowing by Being’ until most of us are convinced that what we know about is reality.

Our spiritual evolution awaits us when we can ‘still’ our ‘knowing about’ to remember and experience our ‘knowing by Being’. What we find in that Stillness is not only our potential to partner these ways of knowing, but also our evolutionary past, including lifetimes of experiences which continue to color our ‘knowing by Being,’ giving us our underlying human personality, character, and difficulties.

Dr. Eisen introduces us to PsychoNoetics, an intentional clearing practice that can 1) help us reach Still Mind, usually with the assistance of a practitioner, 2) release our karma, our knowing by Being, our sense of identity accrued from living in past lives and through the evolutionary process itself, and 3) when we develop our own practice, catapult us into new potentials that bring our ‘knowing’ into focus to change ourselves and the world around us. I have known Jeffrey for a decade and we have had many opportunities to dialog about spiritual matters, and this discussion is a clear and fascinating introduction to his work.

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