Mary Adams – “My Summer with Nisargadatta”

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Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
Mary Adams - "My Summer with Nisargadatta"

An Intimate Portrait of one of the Twentieth Centuries Greatest Realizers

Mary Adams talks with Jeff Carreira about the time she spent with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj in Mumbai, India in 1973.

Mary had the auspicious good luck to find herself in the great sages company before his spiritual classic I Am That had been published in the west. For nearly three weeks she walked with Nisargadatta through the crowded streets of Mumbai (then called Bombay) and met with later in his house, usually one-on-one, to receive private guidance and spiritual instruction. In this beautiful and fascinating conversation you will learn about what it was like to be in this great beings presence and how his teaching affected the course of Mary’s life. You will also explore the nature of the realization that was resonating in the air all around this great teacher. The dialog competes with some selections on why awakening to the truth of who you really are is just as important today as it was all those decades ago, and how modern seekers can find or create the conditions that allow for its fruition.

“All it took was a Guru, and for the seeker to be utterly ernest. You didn't have to do anything else, you didn't have to know anything, you just had to be sincere.”

~ Mary Adams (quoting Nisargadatta)

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Keith G Schrag
Keith G Schrag
1 year ago

Thank you, Jeff, for sharing that profound conversation you and Mary had. I’m aware that there are precious seeds that were sown for me to be attentive to as I am open to moving forward.

1 year ago

How fantastic, Jeff, to have Mary share this part of her life with us.
So great to hear her and truly look forward to your next conversation about the evolution of your spiritual journeys. Thank you so much for making Nisargadatta’s teaching come alive in this way. ❤