“The Truth of Who We Are”

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Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
Spiritual Illuminations with Jeff Carreira
"The Truth of Who We Are"

In this teaching given during a recent virtual retreat titled ‘From Practice to Attainment', Jeff Carreira reveals the difference between teaching to the path and teaching to fruition. He provides a taste of the fruition path of meditating as the truth of who we are and resting in awareness beyond everything else.

The ‘From Practice to Attainment' retreat was held in the Mystery School for a New Paradigm Members Circle.

“We do it completely, fully, with all our heart. Why? Because we love the Mystery. Not because we understand the Mystery, not because we know what it is, not because we have all the answers, but because our heart has been ripped open by the Mystery and all we can think to do, is give ourselves to it.”

~ Jeff Carreira

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