Spiritual Liberation: the Foundation of Spiritual Life

April 26, 2019

My work is aimed at the liberation of the human spirit. That means liberating the energy and intelligence that animates your heart, mind, body and soul so that it can manifest its full potential in your life.

If we look at this from a personal point of view we could say that we are liberating the energy of life so that it is more available for you. Spiritual liberation from this perspective means that the creative source of the cosmos begins to fuel and guide your life.

When you experience such an awakening, your heart explodes wide open, your mind gets clear and sensitive, and you are flooded with seemingly boundless energy and passion for life.

If we look at this awakening from a universal perspective something even more significant is happening. The cosmic energy that is the ultimate source of all the love, wisdom and conscious awareness in this universe is being liberated to manifest itself freely through you.

In the end these two points of view become exactly the same thing because we recognize that we are the cosmic source and it is us. Our life is its life and its life is ours. That is the ultimate non-dual truth.

Pay attention for a moment to the awareness that is reading these words right now. Where did it come from? Was it born with your body on your birthday or was it here already? Does it belong to you? Will it be gone when you die?

I believe that the conscious awareness that we all experience is coming from the cosmos itself. Awareness is not something that exists in the universe. Awareness is the very essence of the universe. This recognition opens up a whole new possibility for human life.

At the start of the spiritual path most of us are motivated by the our desire for personal freedom. As the path progresses we discover the larger life of the cosmos that wants to be lived through us and we become passionate to get out of the way so that higher Self can emerge.

The promise of spiritual life is the realization of our highest potential. And to me that means the life that makes our biggest contribution to the love and goodness of existence.

None of us knows for sure what that life will look like, but if we surrender our lives to the energy that animates the cosmos then that compassionate wisdom will optimize our lives and deliver us to the life that we were meant to live.

The challenge we face in living a spiritual life is that at the start we are already surrendered to something else – the fears, desires and concerns of the separate sense of self, or ego.

Our experience of ourselves and the world is shaped by the deeply held beliefs of the current paradigm and those beliefs must be uprooted, reevaluated and ultimately revised or discarded in order for us to liberate the cosmic energy that flows through us.

We have not been raised to see the universe as a living conscious being. We have been taught to see it as a vacuous expanse of empty space filled with material things. And we have learned to see ourselves as a special kind of thing that has conscious awareness as a kind of personal possession.

These materialistic assumptions about ourselves are foundational to the dominant paradigm. These beliefs limit our potential because they act as filters and lenses that determine what is possible and what is not. These assumed limitations and many others of the dominant paradigm are exactly what we want to liberate the love and wisdom of the cosmos from.

The energy that animates your being wants to live fully. It wants to express its full potential. We can feel that all the time ourselves. That source of energy is relentlessly inspiring us onward to every next venture.

Our false ideas and assumptions about ourselves and life are what limit this energy and keep it from manifesting its full potential.

I have seen what happens when groups of people find it in themselves to get out of the way of the flow of life energy. I have seen the love, wisdom and sensitivity that we as human beings immediately begin to express as soon as the life energy is free from its compulsive service to our fears and desires.

Liberating the life energy of this cosmos to guide our lives is what my work is ultimately about. On my retreats we explore how we can dismantle the limiting beliefs of the current paradigm and liberate our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits to be available to be moved by the universal spirit.

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