The Art of Meditating without Meditating: Breaking the Habit of Isolation

May 4, 2021

I feel that the meditation I teach is perfect for beginners even though it’s often seen as an advanced practice. The reason I believe it’s perfect for beginners is because it takes us straight to the point.

Let me explain.

Meditation is generally taught as a practice or technique designed to lead to some desired outcome. In its secular varieties the goal is stress reduction and the discovery of inner peace. In a spiritual and more esoteric context the goal is spiritual awakening and the realization of truth.

If we focus on the spiritual and esoteric context for meditation, we find that there are many forms of meditation taught. It doesn’t matter if the form involves following the breath, visualizing a sacred image, or repeating a phrase, in the end no matter what the technique is, it is ultimately designed to lead to a realization.

What is it that the successful spiritual practitioner is meant to realize through meditation? It is nothing less than the somewhat shocking recognition that you are already awake.

No matter what form of meditation you practice in a spiritual and esoteric context the aim is to bring you to a deep realization of your own inherently liberated and perfectly divine nature.

When meditation is taught as a practice or technique designed to bring us to our True Self, then it involves a path from here to there, but if you think about it, how could any journey be necessary to bring you to a realization of who you already are?

The universe we live in is not composed of empty space filled with things. It is a living compassionate and intelligent being. The universe is not dead, it is alive. And the living compassionate intelligence that we are, comes from That.

You are the living universe incarnate in human form. That is the big reveal.

You don’t have to go anywhere to realize this because it is already who you are. It is already true right here and now.

The only reason your True Nature is not obvious to you, is because you’ve learned to think of yourself as a thing that is separate from the universe. You impose the idea of being a separate isolated individual onto your experience in every single moment and that is what obscures the truth of Oneness.

To me meditation simply means sitting without imposing any ideas on yourself or your experience.

Our experience starts in every single moment as an unbroken unity, and only then does it get broken into separate bits. We start whole and then we separate ourselves out.

In meditation we simply rest in the place where we start. And from there we simply resist the temptation to see the experience we’re having right now as anything less than utterly whole.

No matter what we are experiencing, it is the whole universe that is experiencing it.

You are having the experience of a universe that has manifested in human form. The universe is experiencing through you right now.

We have developed a habit of seeing ourselves as a separate entity having an isolated experience of reality. That is just a habit. That habit can be broken. And when we break the habit of isolation, we will find that there is only one awareness, and it is seeing through everyone’s eyes right now.

The universe is seeing itself through us right now. The universe is reading this page and understanding it because it has access to your eyes and your mind. You are an extension of a universal being. You are That.

When you meditate, you don’t have to do anything. Just allow yourself to become aware that it is the universe that is experiencing through you right now.

The meditation I teach is perfect for beginners because if you learn to rest in the truth of who you are now, you don’t have to learn meditation as a technique.

Since it all leads back to where you already are, there is no need to engage in a practice designed to take you anywhere else.

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