The Evolution of My Teaching Work

June 29, 2023

It is often difficult for me to answer when someone asks me what I do. Usually I say that I teach meditation and mystical philosophy, which most people find generally satisfying, but to me feels inadequate.

Over the past few months, I’ve become increasingly clear that a much better answer would be to tell people that I practice and teach transdimensional spirituality because my own practice and what I share with others involves entering, exploring, and expressing higher dimensional realities.

In retrospect, I see that my spiritual life has always been focused in this way, but only over the past year or so have I developed the language that allows me to understand it and share it with others. This brings me to an important point: when we are exploring higher dimensions that are themselves invisible and inconceivable, expressing them creatively in language is what allows them to be seen and understood. And language is not limited to just words, – art, music, dance, etc. are also included.

My spiritual work is about making the invisible, visible, and the inconceivable, conceivable, and I train other people to do exactly the same thing. That is a much better answer to the question of what do I do? I'll explain briefly how my teaching work has evolved up to now, so it will be easier for you to understand what and why I teach.

I started teaching twenty years ago and at that time I was teaching meditation in the context of spiritual evolution. What I taught was through the deep letting go of the separate sense of self that we achieve through meditation, allows us to actively participate in the process of our own evolution.

After experiencing a dramatic shift into what you could call collective or intersubjective awakening, collective awakening became the context for my teaching because I saw that letting go of our separate sense of self while engaged with a group of people in dialog, allowed us to merge into a deep sense of harmonious unity and collective oneness.

I am about to release a new book called The Soul’s Journey to Wholeness, and writing that book initiating another shift in what I teach. Through my research and contemplation it became clear to me that we live in a vast multi-dimensional reality and our soul’s desire is to expand as widely as we can into it. This expansion into higher dimensions of being is spiritual evolution, and the dimension of collective oneness that I had experienced years ago is an important higher dimension that humanity needs to evolve into.

Transdimensional spirituality is a path of spiritual work that facilitates the expansion of consciousness into higher dimensions of reality. Meditation is still the foundation of spiritual work, because it allows us to let go of our separate sense self so that our awareness is liberated from the constraints of human perception. Meditation is the key to entering perceptual realms beyond the scope of our familiar human sensibilities. Meditation in this context is the key that unlocks the possibility of journeying to new worlds so we can return and share what we discover.

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