Looking to 2018 – The Mystery Beyond Time and Space

December 14, 2017

Today I want to tell you about some exciting plans I have for 2018. A new emphasis is emerging in my work, which is enhancing the way I teach, and I want to share that with you.

What I'm feeling is that I want to spend more time doing in-depth work with people who want that type of engagement. Lately I have felt my love for spiritual intensity very strongly. I've been doing more practice myself and I feel called to create opportunities to share spiritually charged awakening opportunities with others. You are invited to contribute your brilliance, your energy, and your inspiration as part of this journey.

I am dedicating this year to efforts that will catalyze energetic openings and spiritual awakenings in as many people as possible and then I'll create structures for engagement that will allow us to stabilize in a new level of consciousness together.

So let me spend a few paragraphs explaining what I feel so inspired to share.

I am an idealist. I don’t believe that reality is built up from bits of matter that combine to eventually form life and consciousness. I believe that reality is conscious and awake from the start. I've spent hours in spiritual practices of all kinds allowing myself to become more and more comfortable with the fact that reality is not a three-dimensional space filled with material objects – reality is a living source of intelligence and care.

A mind that has never perceived beyond time and space cannot conceive of this. Without such an experience we assume that the three-dimensional world of time and space is all there is.

And even a mind that does experience beyond the mental confines of time and space cannot hold any memory of what it just experienced once it returns. All that remains after such a miraculous journey is the memory of how it felt and the mental impressions those feelings produced. The mystery remains a mystery even to those who have experienced it.

A great deal of spiritual work is aimed at reproducing the feelings and mental impressions of the beyond – but these are shadows of the actual awakening.

The secret to awakening as far as I've discovered is to let go of any need to conceptualize. If we learn to allow the unknowable to remain unknown then we find ourselves immersed in the mystery of being that is always all around us. Even the most vague concept that we hold about the mystery restricts our access to the unknowable beyond.

Awakening practices are often referred to as esoteric which means secret. This is not only because they have tended to be practiced by small numbers of people who prefer to work privately outside of the gaze of the public eye.

They are called esoteric because they illuminate realities that cannot be known by the mind. They will always be a mystery to our mental processes and if we in any way want them to conform to our conceptual capacities we will find them forever out of reach. We will endlessly swim in the invisible swirls of illumination while assuming we don’t see them.

Awakening is not something that we can see. The term Spiritual materialism refers to the habit of relating to awakening as if it were a feeling or experience that we could possess. We insist that unless we are actively feeling it or seeing it, it doesn’t exist. Our tendencies toward spiritual materialism must be released before we can perceive the imperceptible.

I will be honest with you, I don't intend to teach as publicly as I do now indefinitely. I believe that everything has a natural life cycle. A spiritual teacher has something to share and they share it and then it is time to let new voices bring fresh energy and light into the world. At that point I imagine that the teacher is free to work in different ways supporting those they have trained and using their energy to hold a community of awakened souls together for the mutual benefit of all.

I don’t believe that those whom I support need to teach what I teach. They will have their own expression and their own experiences to share.

What I do believe is that the greatest service I can offer to a new generation of teachers is to support them to stabilize in the mystery beyond time and space. That is why I want to dedicate my energy in 2018 to a journey into the highest consciousness we can enter and stabilize in together.

My work has come to a new level of fruition and I am interested in mentoring those who either are already sharing their experience or will share in the future. I want to create structures of connection that will hold a diverse group of awakening individuals so that they can exchange freely between each other and grow together with me.

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