What is Transdimensional Illumination?

May 1, 2023

Transdimensional Illumination is the process through which awareness moves beyond the human spectrum of consciousness to perceive higher dimensions of reality. This process of crossing over into new dimensions of reality necessitates giving up control and so the question naturally arises, how can we consciously travel to higher dimensions and give up control at the same time? In fact, mystics and spiritual adepts have been consciously placing awareness in specifically chosen higher dimensions of awareness for thousands of years. The secret to transdimensional navigation is that all of the intention must be in place before the practice starts. Once we begin the practice we give up control,forget ourselves, and enter what can be thought of as the frictionless space of the non-material realm of spirit. Imagine floating in deep space where there is no friction. You can’t direct yourself. If you are sitting still you will sit there forever. If you are moving, you will continue in the same direction indefinitely. The journeys we take into dimensions beyond the human spectrum of consciousness are the same. Once you enter the space of practice you are giving up control, and you pass into a realm in which there is nothing to push off of to change direction. You cannot guide your journey from there. You will travel along in whatever direction you enter the practice.

The secret to transdimensional travel is to enter your practice heading toward whatever higher dimension you want to illuminate. That means intending in that direction before you start the practice. If your intention is to explore cosmic consciousness for instance, that intention must be set before you start the practice. If you begin your practice aimed in the direction of cosmic consciousness that is the direction you will be heading in when you enter the frictionless atmosphere of self-forgetting. Once you leave the material dimension you cannot change direction, so the intention for your practice is crucial, because that is when you set the direction. This is also why the soul needs communion with an Earthbound identity to journey to higher dimensions. The soul needs access to the friction that exists in the human spectrum in order to direct itself in the non-material realm of spirit. It needs you to set the direction of practice first.

Exactly how to set a higher dimensional intention is a spiritual art form in itself. It involves living your life as a prayer for a possibility. If you are interested in cosmic consciousness, you would want to be reading, studying, and thinking about that state of consciousness. You would also want to be doing whatever you could to approximate cosmic consciousness in your Earthbound perception of reality. If you were an artist you might want to create art that reflects cosmic consciousness, or sing or write songs about it, create dances, or listen to music that reminds you of that higher possibility. You are essentially living in a self-created world that constantly reflects cosmic consciousness back to you. Your life becomes a prayer for cosmic consciousness. This intentional practice can be directed toward any higher dimension. God realization, divine union, omnipresence, kundalini awakening, constant awareness, and other higher states can all be the focus of a living prayer of transdimensional intention.

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