Opening to the Infinite

A 12-Month Journey into the Miracle of Awakened Awareness
with Jeff Carreira and Craig Hamilton

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Shifting into a New Paradigm through Spiritual Practice and Transformative Inquiry

What excites me most is the fact that Reality is always bigger than what we see. Spiritual practice and transformative forms of inquiry have the power to unseat deep-rooted assumptions and beliefs that limit our perception. For over twenty five years I have completely devoted myself to exploring how we can liberate ourselves from our current way of being and embrace new and higher possibilities. A paradigm is a set of stories, ideas and assumptions that we live inside of. It tells us what is real, how to question, and how to judge the value of the answers we find. Occasionally something happens that the current paradigm cannot explain. We have an experience that just doesn’t make sense and we begin to suspect that there is more going on than we ever imagined. Once this happens we can’t go back to life as it was. From then on all we want is to free ourselves from limitation, discover what is truly possible and meet others in that. All of the courses, retreats and programs that I offer are designed for people who have experienced a new paradigm and want to live into it together.

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Work with Jeff Carreira

Guided Meditations