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Exploring New Ways of Being in the World

Like many of us, I am aware that we need to shift the way that we perceive, feel and respond to the world. The paradigm that currently shapes our experience of reality is not adequate to lead us into a brighter future. My life has been devoted to spiritual awakening and transformation and I know that we can meet the challenges of our times if we learn to let go of the way things have been and become available to be guided by profound insight and subtle energies toward greater possibilities. We must do this work not only individually but also in relationship and in community. All of my work is offered in support of bringing people together to create new worlds of possibility.

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What I Teach

Deep Meditation & Transformative Inquiry

This aspect of my work is rooted in my conviction that Reality is and always will be bigger than what we currently see. Spiritual practices such as meditation along with transformative forms of inquiry have the power to unseat the deeply embedded assumptions and beliefs that limit our perception. For over twenty-five years I have devoted myself to exploring how we can liberate ourselves from our current way of seeing, feeling and being, so that we become available to create and embrace new possibilities. Most of us realize that we live inside of paradigms made up of stories, ideas and assumptions that limit our perception. These paradigms live in us and in culture and tell us what is real, what questions we can ask, and how to evaluate the answers we find. Occasionally something happens that challenges the current paradigm and we begin to suspect that there is more going on than we ever imagined. Meditation is the practice of consciously letting go into unconstrained receptivity and non-conceptual awareness. In this supremely creative space we begin to question not just our ideas about reality, but even our experience of it. This depth of inquiry leads to insights and understanding that can radically transform our experience of the world and ourselves.

Mystical Union & Energetic Awakening

The way we as human beings can connect and engage together has always been central to my spiritual values because, as I see it, awakening and growth always happen in relationship. It has to be this way because we always exist in relationship – with each other, with the world, and with the spiritual energies that are always available to guide us forward. There is a power inherent in our ability to unite together that has long been recognized as a vehicle for profound awakening. The legendary spiritual friendships of the Sufi mystic Rumi and his teacher Shams Tabrizi, and the companionship of Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi, are just two of many famous examples. When the necessary conditions between two or more individuals are cultivated a mystical space opens up between them that gives them access to realms of awareness and perception far beyond our normal capacities. In Eastern traditions paths involving this level of relationship are often associated with the energetic practices of Kundalini and Tantra, which are too often mistakenly identified only with sexuality when in fact they involve exchanges of much deeper spiritual energies. The exploration of the awakening potential of human relationship expands our consciousness and our capacity for love, care and sensitivity.

Conscious Community & Collective Emergence

I believe that all of our spiritual pursuits are ultimately in service of the emergence of a new way of being human together. For many of us our search was initiated because we looked into ourselves and out at the world around us, and we knew that so more was possible. We intuited that human beings were capable of so much more than we currently seem able to consistently express. We see glimpses of it in each other – extraordinary extensions of generosity, selfless acts of care and concern, and profound displays of sensitivity and love – and we wonder why these occurrences happen so infrequently. One reason is that our human capacities are not just abilities that we hold inside us as individuals; they are potentials that exist as a field of possibility between us. We are not just individual entities that interact; we are nodes of convergence in a field of relatedness. Awakening as individuals is crucial, but it is only the beginning. We need to come together in lives that intersect so that we can take care of each other and support our collective emergence into a new humanity. My commitment to this emergence compels me to support conscious community as a part of everything that I do.

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