The Soul of A New Self

Embracing the Future of Being Human

Emergence Education Press

(March 11, 2016)

The Soul of a New Self is an exploration of our sense of self, how it creates the reality we live in, and how we can change reality by changing our experience of who we are. Drawing on a wide range of contemporary and classical sources from David Byrne of the Talking Heads to the 18th century German Idealist Immanuel Kant, Jeff Carreira, explains that we are currently caught in an identity of separation and isolation from each other and the world. This book takes the reader step-by-step into the realization that we are part of an unfolding continuity – a wholeness that grows. As we embrace our potential for living in unity together we open into a new phase of existence.

The Miracle of Meditation

A gradual opening into unbroken trust

Emergence Education Press

(April 5, 2013)

These journal excerpts were written during a two-month long meditation retreat. The instructions for meditation were simply to sit still, be relaxed and let everything be as it is. During this retreat the author experienced a cascade of spiritual breakthroughs and energetic openings beyond anything he had ever imagined. They are shared as inspiration to fuel your own search for the miraculous.

Embrace All That You Are

Meditation as a path to wholeness

Emergence Education Press

(June 16, 2015)

This book explores the most profound realization that meditation offers – the discovery of who we really are. In this book Jeff Carreira explores how the practice of meditation can take us beyond all limited experiences of self into the consciousness that animates the whole universe. In deep mediation we see how Ideas, memories and emotions continually parade past the mind’s eye. We have habitual relationships to these elements of consciousness – some we hold on to, others we push away, some we surrender to and others we ignore. These patterns of relationship make up so much of what we identify with as who we are. In this book you will learn an approach to meditation take you beyond the façade of a limited and isolated existence into a direct encounter with the mysterious sources of awareness that we really are.

The Practice of No Problem

A deceptively simple approach to meditation that is so simple that you literally can’t do it wrong

Emergence Education Press

(April 19, 2014)

The Practice of Having No Problem introduces a deceptively simple approach to meditation because it utilizes instructions so simple that you literally can’t do them wrong. In fact, this form of meditation is the simplest thing you could possibly do, so simple that you are already doing it right now without realizing it. You have been doing it for as long as you’ve been alive and will continue until the day you die. In fact, I believe that you were doing it before you were born, and will continue after you die. To approach this form of meditation you have to consider if you are ready to live a life without a problem because until we are ready to have no problem we will continue to make problems for ourselves. Once you give up the luxury of having a problem to escape into, you will discover that you never had one in the first place.

Radical Inclusivity

Expanding Our Minds Beyond Dualistic Thinking

Emergence Education Press

(February 15, 2014)

In this book Jeff Carreira explores the experience of Radical Inclusivity. These experiences arise out of the direct recognition that everything is always included as part of some larger whole. That larger whole is itself included in yet another whole. This recognition of profound holism gives us a glimpse into a new possibility in consciousness and a way of thinking that moves us beyond dualistic comparison of opposites. The writing style is personal, fluid, fast moving, and at times poetic because a new consciousness can best be articulated through words that point us to a reality that lies beyond words. This book is meant to initiate an inquiry that will inspire you to embark on a profound investigation of your own experience.

Philosophy Is Not a Luxury

Four Reasons to Start Thinking About How You Think

Emergence Education Press

(July 9, 2013)

This book is about the profound utility of philosophy. It is rooted in the conviction that philosophy is not a luxury—it is a necessity that none of us can afford to ignore. This is not an instruction manual for inquiry or a collection of philosophical ideas to adopt. It is not written it in order to tell you what to think, but rather to give you some things to think about. The philosophical ideas most discussed in this book are those held by the classical American philosophers Charles Sanders Peirce, William James, and John Dewey. These three brilliant minds were the originators of the philosophy called pragmatism, which remains to this day America’s most significant contribution to world philosophy.