Dreamed Awake

A Novel

The Miracle of an Open Mind

Reflections on the Philosophy of William James

Higher Self Expression

How to Become an Artist of Possibility

The Spiritual Implications of Quantum Physics

Reflections on the Nature of Science, Reality and Paradigm Shifts

Inner Peace in a Busy World

Reflections on meditation and the journey from anxiety to spiritual freedom

Richard Maurice Bucke's Cosmic Consciousness

As Edited, Updated and Interpreted by Jeff Carreira

The Power of Creative Flow

Reflections on Peak Performance, Cultural Transformation, and Spiritual Growth

The Mystic As Creative Artist

Reflections on a remarkable essay by Evelyn Underhill

The Miracle of Self Realization

Reflections on the Spiritual Teachings of Ramana Maharshi


A Novel

American Awakening

Evolutionary Spirituality, Non-Duality, and Free Thinking in the Tradition of American Philosophy

The Miracle of Meditation

A Gradual Opening into Unbroken Trust (2nd edt.)

The Art of Conscious Contentment

A Handbook for Meditation and Spiritual Freedom

The Experience of Luminous Absorption

The Foundation of Spiritual Life

The Gift of Spiritual Abundance

Five Principles for Being Happy and Fulfilled Right Now

No Place But Home

Reflections on Meditation and the Spiritual Life

Transdimensional Crossing

A Novel

Paradigm Shifting

Guiding Evolution From The Inside Out

The Soul of A New Self

Embracing the Future of Being Human

Radical Inclusivity

Expanding Our Minds Beyond Dualistic Thinking